What would you think if a girl said you had no rythm in bed?

I told a guy that and he said i needed his d*** in my mouth so i wouldn't stop talking so much... he literally said suck my d**, i never even had sex with him just making out. isn't that disrespectful thing to say? i thought he liked me?


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  • There are things called constructive criticism and destructive criticism. Saying that "you have no rhythm in bed" is destructive criticism and it will only make him feel bad. Instead you should have told him what you want him to do differently or how he can improve.

    Like I could tell a girl "you are bad in bed", but that wouldn't fix anything. It would only make her feel bad and insecure. Instead I can tell her "I want you to move more and be more vocal" for example, and that will actually help the situation and she won't have to feel like shit.

    • he was an asshole, he cursed me out for saying no to him and said i was an unstable bitch and he cursed my mother out

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    • he started

    • Yeah I know but he is not gonna give up, so just decide if you want to be in a relationship like that.

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  • I think you were both being rude to one another. You were being rude by mentioning to him that he has no rhythm in bed and he was being rude by telling you that you need to suck his d*ck.


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  • What you said was kinda disrespectful too.

    If a girl ever told me that I had no 'rhythm' in bed, I'd ask her to find someone else who does. Highly insulting.

    • yeah but he had no rhythm in bed, he really didn't hahahaha he just didn't know how to move

    • There are better ways to convey that to him, instead of being so rude and blatant.

  • oh, he does... for your body, anyway.

  • As long as I'm enjoying it... fuck her!


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