Ey dudes! Do I have a chance at being friends w benefits?

Hey, so I met this kid at a music show in the city, I went back home that night and he gave me his number. The next week we kicked it the whole weekend, good conversation, we did hook up and had a fun time. He mentioned a few times hanging out again while we kicked it. He works and is mad busy during the week. I haven't really heard from him since Monday? I just want a chill foo to chill with every once in a while. I'm wondering if hell want to hang out again?

I've only texted him once since until just now
"Hey brudda! Hope work isint sucking too much, we should chill again soon. Bless it up sexy ✌😝"

Just wondering if i should just let it go, tips on dudes in genereal. and if this text is appropriate
Thanks goiz


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  • The text is fine but fwb's is a bad idea. One has or will develop feels for the other and they think "if I keep fucking him or her long enough they'll start to love me" which never happens


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  • You certainly have quite a wicked personality. I like it.
    Perhaps is a bit too strong for some people. Though I personally would stop all that I was doing to reply to a message like that!

  • Leave him alone... before you ruin his life


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