A life without finding your fate?

I'm scared that I'll never find the love. When I was little I know that there's a person for everyone and one day I will get to experience that but as I got older I still believed in love but I also believe it won't happen to someone like me. I believe this bc I have never dated anyone before (in 8th grade)... all my friends had date someone. I'm just scared that I'll never find someone in my life. Even though I know you would say that I'm young and I have a long way to go but, I have instincts that nobody will married me or date me that is my type. Even if someone that I may like I feel won't date me but someone I don't like... likes me. What should I do now? How do u know that one will come along and you turn the wrong direction and you just pass the love of your life?


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  • I didn't have my first real boyfriend until I was 19 years old. Don't worry so much about this, you will find someone. And trust me, in a years time I guarantee your friends will not be with the same person they are with right now.

    • thanks but what there are truly people that known each other since high school or even elementary and got married. Anyway thanks and I hope it works out in your relationship as well!

    • It's very rare that people who are together in high school end up together for life. I know it happens on tv and movies but it rarely happens in real life.

    • Tru but there is a possibility! Anyway haha thank you!