An ex boyfriend text me and my boyfriend saw it and didn't get jealous is that a problem?

And ex-boyfriend of mine text me and my boyfriend saw my ex-boyfriend said hi how have you been are you happy with the person you are with and my boyfriend now did not get jealous... He said who's that I gave him a small summary and said the ex boyfriend from high school that cheated on me and it's texting me from time to time quite obsessed with me and he didn't seem to bother one bit that a good thing or a bad thing


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  • He could be hiding his jealousy, but I don't think that's the reason. I think that he feels confident in himself since you are with him and not your ex and he doesn't think that he has anything to worry about. You've got yourself a man who is secure with who he is and his position with you!


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  • It's not a problem. Your boyfriend seems to trust you a lot.
    If I were him, I'd be mad to be honest. (But then again, I have issues)


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  • Well, maybe he trust that you won't cheat on him with someone who cheated on you? Are you saying he SHOULD be jealous?

    • well, people are taking me out of context, I don't want him upset, but sometimes when u are madly deeply in love some sparks can be a small jealousy tantrum or whatever, I would of been upset not cause I don't trust him, but because I love him and I am territorial

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    • yikes thanks for the nose visual

    • Haha ! :-)
      I couldn't use kittens...

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