Will her feelings eventually die out if we stay friends?

I dated a girl for 1 month but things were not going well so I broke up with her. Eventhough we both still have feelings, she thinks that I dont have feelings anymore. So we decided to just become friends and after days of denial she finally accepted the idea. She decided that she will control her feelings just so we can stay friends because she loves my company. Now, i have very strong feelings for her but I will not tell her about it because I cannot date her now. I want to wait until she is more independent and mature then I hope we can date and work something out. So my question is: since she thinks i dont have feelings anymore, will her feelings eventually die out? Keep in mind right now she's almost in love with me at this stage. Are her feelings going to die out eventually? Especially if I dont tell her that I have feelings too? I really can't date her right now because she immature and too dependent to be in a relationship but once she reaches her potential? She will be perfect.


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  • Real feelings don't just go away. And even though her feelings for you may not fade for a very long time, you're putting her through a type of hell by not disclosing your feelings towards her. If she thinks you don't have feelings for her, she's going to probably give up maybe not now, but yes eventually, so you should tell her your point of view, how you really like her and see a future relationship. Honesty - best policy.

    • Thank you so much this is an excellent answer. Now, i want to wait for at least a month before telling her my feelings so that we get to know each other better and avoid any potential breakups.. Also because I want to make sure im madly in love with her as much as she is with me. Is this a right thing to do? If I tell her about my feelings right now, her focus will be on our relationship and spending time together instead of personal growth and unleashing her powerful power thats hidden inside of her.

    • Definitely good to wait a month, let yourself figure out exactly how much she means to you. Best wishes to you both - clearly you care for her a lot, and putting thought into this is only going to help your future with her :)

    • Thank you so muchhh! I felt relieved after u replied :) and yes I really care for her so so so so much. I feel bad for her that at this point she does not exactly know how I feel towards her but she will thank me later im sure.

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  • If you neglect her for so long she'll eventually tire of you and move on. Your attitude is a bit condescending. She could find someone who respects and likes her for who she is right now, and someone who hasn't broken her heart at that. If someone else comes along who appreciates her for who she is, I guarantee she'd forget all about you. I'd suggest you leave her be. You would not make a good boyfriend and she deserves better.

    "Once she reaches her potential"? Get off your high horse. You're not all that mature yourself considering your outlook. You're deliberately denying her information that would alleviate so much pain for her. You clearly don't care too much for her feelings. Tell her you can't date her because you're not good enough for her and lack the capacity to care for someone besides yourself. I certainly hope she loses feelings for her sake. God, you sound like such a dick.

    • Lol you are stupid. U can't judge me or her based on the info that I provided. All i needed to know is: doo feelings die out or not. Thats it.

    • Yes, feelings die out. Good luck.

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