How important is it really to be incredibly exciting?

I recently tried to create a profile on Eharmony. Try is the key word here.

I went through all the sign up stuff and did all the questions. I was doing really well, just flying through things because I know myself so well. I was feeling pretty stoked because I really want to find someone worthwhile.

However, I got to the part where you have to type out an answer to a question. The first question was asking about what I was passionate about. I have no idea how to answer that question. I've honestly never felt overly passionate about much in my life. I picked a career mainly because I wanted a stable job and enough money to live comfortably.

I don't have exciting hobbies. I'm a real person. I come home after work, maybe go on a walk. But I usually watch netflix or even just go on GAG and answer some questions. I really like helping people but I don't know how that could be written out in an exciting way. I feel it's an honourable quality, but it's not as exciting as travelling the world or climbing mountains.

I kind of feel pressure to have this amazing exciting life. But I know deep down all I do is usually come home and watch tv, maybe cook food, maybe/usually go on GAG and answer questions.

So if you are looking for a worthwhile partner, would you overlook someone who had very bland hobbies and interests?

I love going out to see movies, eat food and go shopping. I've never travelled anywhere. Mainly due to not having anyone to go with and no money.

What do you guys think? I have a decent job, I have a good head on my shoulders, I'm a nice person, I like to have fun, but I just don't have an incredibly exciting life.


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  • Be honest. I don't think most normal people spend every weekend skydiving, scuba diving, going to major league sporting events, rock climbing, etc... You're probably in the majority if you work, eat, watch a little TV, goof off on the internet, etc., and there are tons of guys who are looking for that.
    I love staying at home and cooking, watching documentaries, listening to music... Probably not very exciting on paper, but I'd love to have a girl to do that stuff with, even if it's not together all the time. Just be yourself, don't try and paint a picture that you THINK someone else will like.

    • Thank you! I honestly love watching tv, documentaries, music all of those things. I just don't want guys to over look my profile because some other person is leading this amazing life lol. I really want to get it right this time (I'm really trying hard to find someone).

    • I tried match. com a while back and honestly skipped over the profiles where their profile looked too exciting. I don't want that sort of life, or that sort of partner. Either their full of $#&% and are just trying to make their life look more exciting than it really is, or I'd be worn out and exhausted after just a few weeks with them! haha.

      On the flip side though, do have SOME things that you're in to outside of eating and TV. Even if it's trying new hole-in-the-wall restaurants or going on mini road trips or going to concerts every now and then.
      I'll skip over your profile if the ONLY thing you appear to be in to is watching Netflix and hanging out with your dog. lol

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  • Positive energy is always a positive


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