Am I overreacting?

My boyfriend never initiates us kissing. The night before I tried to and he turned away and asked me to lay with him and watch a movie. I did. I became upset and told him I felt rejected. He said he just didn't want to because he thought it'd lead to sex and he isn't in the mood to do it I told him I wanted to just kiss not have sex. Ok. Next night I kissed him and he turned away after a bit. I got upset and he got annoyed. I told him if I was another girl he'd want to kiss me. He said not unless I'm Beyoncé. I left. Did I overreact? Why does it make me so upset? He holds my head in public and he always tells me he loved spending time with me, but I just feel like he's not attracted to me when he rejects me like that.

I'm a girl by the way, not a guy!


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  • At first it sounded like he didn't want to get hard, have a boner, then have you see it, and then having it lead to sex... I know that sounds really creepy but maybe that's why! But the Beyonce part just made him seem like a rude person. I don't know, guys say girls are confusing... But I think boys are WAY more confusing!


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