Girls, how do you want me to draw you out of your shell?

The more shyier you are, the more helpful you can be to me here



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  • Have fun conversations in a group setting. I always loved being in a group of MY friends and a guy jarring me up.
    I like being drunk and people talking to me, I DO need alcohol to "have a good time" at social events.
    I like getting to know a person before he gives ANY indication that he likes me. Normal talking. No sly glances or flirty one liners or 'accidental' touching. That just makes me feel paranoid and awkward and it makes me feel like I HAVE to like you now or else you'll be sad.

    • What about online?

    • Depends on if it's possible to hang out in person. I've found that I never really get comfortable with guys when it's just through text, but it does take away the awkwardness that would definitely be ha pointing in person and makes you more likely to open up since there's no pressure of that face to face stuff.