Dating is it worth it?

I used to enjoy asking people out for dates. but when you keep getting constant hate, game played. people just generally not giving a damn about the person you are. it's not worth my time. even when you like someone a lot. they don't care to think about how their words affect people. I've tried to look online to date. but clicking on anyones profile makes me feel sick. so i guess what im asking is dating worth it?


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  • Dating is a new concept. People used to meet their future husbands and partners in school. the local ice cream social, their neighborhood, the childhood friend... with that said, dating can be fun, but it can also be emotionally draining because you might get attatched to someone more than others. You might make a friend (for long or short term), you might just bump into someone that wants a friends with benefits (but if that's not what you want, then DON'T lead them on!)... Just be careful and make sure that both parties know what's up and if you are ready to commit to them, then do so, and don't flake out...

    • I forgot to add that you should find some common ground because that is what will build your relationship and keep it afloat... the big ones especially...

    • That's exactly it. it's better to be up front and honest. then to leave a person wondering in mystery etc

  • No, it's not worth it


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