Guys I Have A Question? Can you help please?

Guys I Have A Question? Can you help please?

So Me and this guy are longdistance we usually communicate through social media, A few weeks back I told him I was going to get a ticket to come and see him, he always seemed eager asking had I booked. I haven't heard from him since last Thursday. Yesterday I saw a good deal on a ticket, so I texted him said I was going to book that evening to come on 12th November, and wanted to check first if that date was ok with him first. The message said it had been read, I saw later that I had a missed call from him.
Today he sent me a message saying hey darling, hope you are fine, sorry for the late reply. Whenever you come you very welcome.

I didn't know where I stood by his reply so I messaged him back saying- I am sorry darling, wish I could of come in October , but the reason I would be coming is for you only you. Do you still want to see me? If your feelings have changed, and you don't want me then tell me now!
But if you care about me, you will meet me and you will say yes. It's upto you!

Later I recieved a reply from him- I would love to see you darling, of course I care about you,
I am just afraid that you expect big stuff from me, I will tell you straight I am totally broke, and can't promise you special things with me, or when we go out (He's losing his job in a week)

Does he seem serious, that he does want to be with me, but he's just feeling low about things, what are your thoughts on this?


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  • He's sincere about wanting to see you but is afraid you'll be upset or turned off that he won't be able to afford to do or buy much of anything on your visit. This is something that is very difficult for men to say and it took great courage and trust for him to do so

    • So do you feel he really is serious does want to be with me, but feels bad that he can't afford things?

    • Absolutely

    • Thank you so much, I appreciate your answer.

  • whatever you decide to do, don't get pregnant

    • I won't be doing that

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