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There is this girl that I have been getting close with. I see her as really awesome and fun to talk to. We have talked late into the night. I don't like her romantically though. And now, her freind just texted me telling me to ask her to homecoming. Obviously, she got the number from her. What should I do? I don't want to be a douche. And we are both seniors. And I have next to no friends. This is such a shitty situation. Help!!! So far to respond, I delayed it by citing that I can't get a ride.


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  • Just tell her that you would be eager to go together as friends. Relax, you can handle it.


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  • You can go to homecoming as friends too bro! I did it one year, still an awesome time with a great friend. You should go with her.

    • She wants me to ASK her. Not like go hangout with her and her friends. Her friend who has her license suspended too said she would come drive 30 mins extra to pick me up. I really don't what to do. I want to go with her as a friend. Should I text her or keep texting her friend.

    • How bout you disregard this whole friend person who is trying to get you to ask her. If you want to go as friends, one day when you are hanging out or chatting just casually bring it up in conversation like hey are you going to homecoming this year with anyone? No, oh okay would you want to go as friends with me? Or something like that but make it obvious that it is as friends or not a date. Asking isn't all that big of a deal, last year I was a sophomore and one of my senior best friends really wanted me to ask her to prom... I didn't in the end and some other girl asked me but that's a different story, back to what I was saying she just wanted to go as friends she actually liked someone else at the same time as wanting me to ask her to prom. Yeah... weird right. Girls are weird, unless you know she wants you to ask her as more than friends then just ask her and be clear that you only want to be friends.

    • I meant to say disregard the person that texted you saying you should ask this girl to homecoming.

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