Girl flaked on our date... I haven't replied yet... Should I?

Organised a date last week with my, lover.

And she has been a bit strange lately... and just now 20min before our date flaked on me.

"I am still out shopping with 'friend' I dont think I will make it sorry"

Should I reply or just leave it and wait for her?

Honestly women are so... up and down all the time it does my head in... I hate chasing girls that don't chase back.

What do you think?


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  • I'd move on. I'm a strong proponent of not wasting time. I mean she knew she was going to meet you all day long and still prioritized *shopping* over you. Ew.

    • Yea turns out she was wasting my time lol.

    • That's a serious bummer but at least you know for next time.

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  • Just say "that's cool" and just leave it till she messages you back and go from there. Is this the first time she bailed out on you?

    • Thanks. Yea it is the first time she has bailed.

      But I know not to listen to words and watch her actions... she has taken all her stuff home after our last romantic date... now this...

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    • lol... now she is liking all my facebook posts... I think she was on a secret date... and it didn't go well..

    • Possibly a "friend" (wink wink nudge nudge) who knows man

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  • Time to load up the ol tinder profile ;)

    But yea leave it and if she gives a fuck she'll text

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