How can you tell the difference between friendly and interest?

So, how can you tell the difference between someone who's just being friendly or someone's who's kinda into you? What's some signs, particularly for guys who seems quite respectful?

I ask because I met this guy, he seems like such a nice guy and I'd love to get to know him better. The few times I've seen him we've spoken and joked around with each other, he offered me a lift home even though it was out of his way and he was heading to work. When I added him on Facebook, he posted on my wall wishing me happy birthday (just happened it was my birthday) and referred to a conversation we'd had earlier and told me to have a nice night. I get it, I'm over thinking it, but I'm just curious cause I'm really interested in him.


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  • seems like he wants you to notice him which is good. Just send him a message on FB saying one word and see what he says... 'Drinks?'

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