How are you after sex with a f buddy or FWB?

We usually go drink and then have sex. Afterwards he's affectionate and rubs my back/ stomach with his hand and gives me a few peck kisses and was asking me questions about myself and my ex and how my ex is in bed and etc by just laying down.. I then ended up leaving and he gave me a few peck kisses. Do you do that with your f buddies or FWB? I never had this before I am a girl who had always been in relationships.


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  • It depends on the relationship, little kisses and casual contact is totally normal. If you were hooking up with an ex, I'd advise you to avoid it, just to keep it ultra simple. No matter what we say, sec is always an emotional experience at some level. I've had a couple fwb's, we did kiss casually after dinner or maybe even hold hands while walking to the car.

    • With your friends with benefits did you develop any feelings for them?

    • Lol, yes... it just happens. It's normally not planned, but it's natural. Unless, you only find them physically attractive and don't dig their personality. I had one girl that was just rude to others, that killed my attraction to her.

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