Are most bachelor pads supposed to be filthy?

So I was dating a 42 yr old man and he invited me over to his town house. Upon entry it looked ok, but then I asked to use the bathroom and everything was gross. The toilet looked like it had caked up sh*t for about 5 years. I was also hungry and went to the fridge and there was nothing there. His clothing in his closet were thrown askew on the floor. I was a bit turned off by this especially since he is a professional. I do know that he does not have children, has never married, or really ever been in a long term relationship. His townhouse has 2 bedrooms and one rooms is devoted to comic books. There are thousands and thousands of them. He seems like a nice guy, but I could not get over the filth in his apartment. Are most bachelor's filthy?


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  • "Are most bachelor's filthy?"
    - no.

    I have a friend who is just filthy, doesn't clean.. dishes have mold on them and place smells like his dog. Every time i am there i end up spending 10 minutes just cleaning because i cannot occupy a space that is that dirty.

    He's 42 and humans are creatures of habit. If i were to show up to a girl's house and it was filthy.. deal breaker. I am not cleaning up after someone that much.


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  • that dude sounds like a loser, no offense. it sounds like he's a 42 year old thinking he's still in college. like if the guy has a room just for comics, then that's a problem. i love comics, but a room's worth? and i'm not a guy who keeps everything clean (like a room or an apartment), but i can clean up if i need to.

  • No, you picked a real scumbag.

    • lol. maybe he is just dirty. When it comes to his personal hygiene he is very clean

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