Is he just a player?

My guy friend that I have known for a long time through an ex started hanging out a lot for awhile. He had a girlfriend but they always had problems and she never hung out with him. I dnt have many close friends except him. They finally broke up she was cheating and about 2 days later he confesses all of these feelings he has had for me. I have never rlly thought of him that way. I told him it was too soon an I had to think it over because I am a very busy person and trying to raise my gpa up. He was ok with that. There were some things I didn't trust about him like he lied to his girlfriend saying when we hangout it was as a group and he wanted to play truth or dare and said lets pretend I'm single and just how soon he was to confess these feelings after break up. But he would look after and always drive me/pick me up. After he told me he would message me at least 5 times a day. I haven't seen him for about a month cuz I was out of town a couple weekend and competing. My friend said he is seeing this other girl and told her the same thing he told me.. I mean I was most likely going to say no but this makes me feel he just wants a girlfriend and would say anything to whose available. He's rlly nice but dnt know what to tell him now.


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  • He is a player say no

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