Girls, Quitting job and driving across the country for a girl?

I recently went on vacation to see an old friend/girlfriend that I have been talking to since I moved from her town back in highschool. When I got their I ended up sleeping with her and she asked me to move back and stay with her. I originally said I couldn't do that because of work and school. The rest of the weekend went good, I tried calling her when my plane landed and got no call or text back. Ots been three weeks and still nothing. So I messaged her on facebook asking if I did something wrong, still no answer. I'm almost tempted to drop everything and drive back to her, but if she really just doesn't want me up their then I'm screwed out of a job and homeless. I told her I would move back after I graduate college, and she said she would believe it when she sees it. What should I do?


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  • Don't do it. If you can't get a hold of her, for this long, there's something going on. Maybe she met someone else? Stay where you are and try to contact her again. Do not drop everything for this girl.