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so my boyfriend has never really had a girlfriend. sometimes he asks me to go places.. like family events. we been exclusive since may. he brought me around his family In September. I've been around his parents many times but only recently his extended family. I always say to him do you want me there and he replies up to u. I feel he just being nice. I think sometimes he gets uncomfortable. I said to him today I know you don't want me there.. I know I'm not wanted.. he lost his mind.


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  • You're playing a victim game. If he didn't want you there he'd say so. He hasn't said no. Stop being a victim

    • the one time I was around his mom's side of the family. he acted weird.. I was on my own

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    • He didn't suggest it. But I feel we are

    • Work on communication skills and you might save it

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  • well i would lose my mind too, if my SO just came at me with some random thought like that. it probably hurt his feelings or made him feel like he is doing something wrong.
    maybe you should just clarify how you feel without making accusations. his feelings are probably hurt.

    • he said he feels bad when I say things like that. I just don't feel wanted. then when I'm with his family he will act weird around me.

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    • I think were gonna break up

    • well just take it as a lesson learned for ur next relationship...
      but i dont think its too late for u to fix things. you should try! if you want to be with him

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