How to go about trying to reconnect with a girl from gym I meet earlier this year?

i meet this girl at my gym around April of this year and got to know her for a couple months then we sort of lost touch when i got busy during the summer and didn't go to that gym. was also at time having a hard time determineing her level of interest and if she was even single or not. but she was like mid 20's and had this killer bod , and also she seemed to be genuinely really nice was impression i got when i talked to her. regret that things didn't go further with her as she would of been great girl to date and seemed to have it all.

now i'm back at the gym and wondering if she is still around and how i should go about trying to talk to her if i see her there? i think she is still around town as she told me she worked at a child and youth agency earlier in year and likely she still works there.
but i worry i'm just viewed by her as guy from gym who wanted to have sex with her and left the picture when i realised it wasn't going to be easy to get or i'm just some guy she talked to at gym and viewed strictly as a friend as we never actually did anything back then on a physical or sexual level just talked a bunch of times.


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  • Talk to her


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