Guys, why is he doing this?

There is this guy, I know. He has a tendency to look at me, he's very discreet. He seem to like me. Anyway if we hang out with our friends and he is going to leave he tends to look at me. Right before he turn around and leaves, he would look at me in the eyes as the last person. I'm always the last person he looks at. He does it everytime, every single time.
Why is he doing this?


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  • He's probably nervous but inside probably wants to say something to you... Do you ever talk with him when you're hanging out in the group of friends?

    • No, we stopped talking short time after we met each other. Which is weird because we are both very outgoing. Normally he'll say "see you" to everyone, then he'll look at me and walk away.

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    • Good luck!!! :-D

    • Thank you. :)

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