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I keep doubting and can't make a decision. I need a place ASAP, im 23 and i still live at home and i hate my mother, always had but i didn't move out because i chose money over my diginity. I dont like my hometown and i prefer not to live here, but i wanted to change cities but the city i wanted to go to, is evry big and i can't seem to find a place i like because i dont KNOW the city. How can i make a decision bewteen cities and won't waste time anymore. Option 1: move to another city and start fresh, i have no fam or friends or no real reason to move there. Option 2: stay in my hometown for a while like 3/4 months and go to work-school first in the city, so i will get to know the city before moving there.

The city i live in has 175.000
The city i want to go too:610.000


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  • What city are you thinking of moving to?
    city-data. com is a good site where you can find out good neighborhoods to look in to based on your price range.
    Didn't you post this question yesterday too?

    I'm telling you, a fresh start in a new city is scary but fun, and it's only scary before the move. Once you get there and get settled in it's AWESOME.

    Save up a few months living expenses while you're living at home, work on lining up a job and finding a place in a safe neighborhood in the new city, and don't look back. You sound miserable at home and in your current town, there's nothing but fear holding you back.

    • i can't stay at home anymore, im being ridiculed. i DONT know if i would make friends easily. It can be fun but maybe i need to stay here, i dont HATE my hometown its pretty laidback but i wish to leave soon tho, like in 4 months

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    • no i can't be that naive, i dont really have a reason to move yet, i need to create or have a reason or else i might hate it,

    • Well... Good luck :-)

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  • I think you should start fighting against your fears. Startingm fresh and moving to another city is going to be scary as hell, but it's going to give you more opportunities than staying in your city. Take the risk and go.

    • but i have no real reason to move there, like no studies or work and no fam or friends

    • But you can gradually find all those things. Can your family help you out financially for a while?

    • i dont have any family over there or friends, so its like all over new for me.