"Hanging" out with a girl. What to do?

So I like this girl and I think she might like me. So I asked her to hang out, but the hangout is coming up and I have no plans I'm not sure what to do. Should we got to a movie or hang out at my house? Please help


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  • Are there any event's going on soon? like Halloween is coming up, so there should be a lot of related events...
    Movies can be too generic and your house might get awkward - but depends on your inerests


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  • Don't do the movie thing, it doesn't really leave much opportunity to talk and get to know each other and build a relationship. Going for lunch or dinner would be a good way to hang out, spend some time face to face getting to know each other a little better and with some privacy from your 'rents (vs. just hanging out at your house). Even just going for coffee / tea / cocoa whatever you're in to (err.. whatever SHE's in to, would be the proper way...)

    Go for a walk with her, either just around the neighborhood or walk with her to get that coffee/tea/lunch/etc...

    I suppose you could hang out at the mall... do kids still do that any more?

    • What about like getting lunch and a movie?

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    • She likes chicken and cookies

    • Haha NICE! Chicken and cookies, that's a combination I've never heard before... :-)

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  • Ask her where do you wanna hang out? Offer her both and say friends can come if she didn't wanna be left alone so you can see if she likes you and she can feel comfterble

    • I asked her where she wanted to go and she said for me to decide

    • Also she seemed fine with us hanging out alone when I asked

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  • When I first asked my crush to hang out, we went geocaching. It was a really great idea if I do say so myself.

    But yeah, get a movie and hang at your house would be good if she doesn't think that's creepy or anything. You could also take her to see a movie then go get something to eat.

  • Netflix and chill :^)

    • I offered that in like a joking way and she responded with a bunch of laughing emojis and lmfao so I guess that's a no

    • Good job though, joking like that is a good way to open up the convo. Tbh she's probably leading you on bro and using you as a backup boyfriend.

    • Ah well I hope nor