Guys, How many times have you come across a girl that you are almost certain likes you?

That is a girl that you are almost certain is interested in you, either because she is really straightforward with her hints, or she just acts differently in front of you, or she tells you/her friends tell you, but you know almost certainly that she is into you. How many times have you had a girl that fits this description (you know she liks you)? In my whole life there have been maybe 2 girls that I have known for sure liked me, but they were both in High school so I dont really count them. How many for you?

  • I have never had a girl that I knew liked me
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  • Maybe 1 or 2 girls I have known liked me
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  • 3-5 girls have liked me
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  • 6-8 girls have liked me
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  • 9+ girls have been interested in me
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  • I've never been 100% sure. I've been like 70% sure, but then with those girls it varies every once in a while...