Girls, would you date a guy who hates his family?

Would you date a guy who hates how strict his parents are?

My parents are strict, and are against me going out and joining a frat. We have argued to the point I made my mom cry when I threatened to block her phone number. Sometimes, I prefer diversity, and both my parents are Indians. I have white/asian/black friends and enjoy the diversity. Sometimes, I think that I'd talk to my mom more if she were Chinese or French. Friends can also let me go out with them to a late night dinner or a party, and can get me things my parents cannot (PS4, Xbox One).

i even view some girls as sisters and they mean more to me more than my own mom. I'd save one of them over my mom if they were drowning.
And I enjoy meeting people of different backgrounds.

Would you date a guy who hates his family, and views you/his friends/your friends as more important? Would it turn you on if he called you more important than his own mom?


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  • Family is important to me so I would say no, however my boyfriend dislikes his family (to the point of saying that aside from his grandparents he wants nothing to do with them once we're married) and after experiencing his family (controlling, manipulative, downright rude, etc) I've actually come to dislike them a lot myself. So I guess as long as it's for a legit reason (yours is also legit) then yes.


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  • It would be hypocritical of me if I said no.

    Id like to know more about it - it sounds as if your anger is aimed at your mother and not your father. So what is it she has done? None of this wishing she was Chinese, what has she done to cause this resentment?

    • she doesn't let me go out to late night dinners (have to do it in my frat, as I live in campus9. and are strict as fuck on grades

    • If you live on campus how is she stopping you?
      Look I understand your annoyance but I don't think it's justified...

  • No family is important to me

  • Yes would because I have family issues and understand a lot