New to the dating scene what to look out for?

Hey all im new to the dating scene. What do i need to look out for ie cheeky guys or guys a can just chat to generally that don't use sexual context within our conversations. Ok so im talking to two guys i haven't met yet in person. We ment on tinder (not sure if its world wide yet) i have been talking to them for well over a month. Guy A is 23 and guy B is 22 They have have asked to take me out. Well guy A said so when can i take you out. Guy B said when are we meeting up. I chat mostly to guy A we talk all day just general every day chat. Guy B we dont talk as much but have been recently guy B used sexual context in a message today which has made me think he wants to meet for sex which is a no no for me and now made me worried about actually meeting him. Guy A has never used sexual context. I get morning texts of both guys and the reason i haven't met them yet is obviously to make sure they are genuine and not just after one thing. I just don't want to be in an uncomfortable situation. Are there any other signs i need to look out for?


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  • Pretty sure Guy A wants to have sex with you too

    • Probably but he hasn't made it about sex

    • I don't know. Texting doesn't really require much effort. Seems like dragging out meeting up will just serve to indicate which guy is more desperate

  • I don't know why you're trying to avoid sex...

    • Not on the first date no. But also iv had children so not so confident with my body

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    • I have come out of a 13 year relationship.

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