Is it just me, or are most people on dating sites CRAZY?

Is it just me, or are the VAST MAJORITY of people on dating sites NUTS!? I have girls initiate interest in me and then shortly after tell me to F off for some stupid, lame crazy reason. Why? I'm not even doing anything wrong.


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  • if they're that sensitive, they might be damaged goods.

    I don't like dating sites. I prefer to meet people around me I guess like in real life :)

    • I prefer it too, but my area sucks for that...unless you're in to a lot of drinking.

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  • honestly, most of them are normal people who don't have the guts to start talking to someone in person..or they just don't have time to meet someone. that is what someone told me who has used a dating website.

    • I guess that would explain why they toss me aside so quickly for dumb crap. They don't have a clue how to treat, talk to or socialize with the opposite sex in general.

    • I said "most" of them. not all.

    • I didn't say "all" of them either. THIS is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. Something TAKEN THE WRONG WAY! My point has been proven. Now I feel better. =)

  • I think if you are using a dating service you 1) don't have a lot of time to begin with or 2) are at the end of the rope looking for a relationship. If you are the latter then yea.. you can definitely come across crazy because at the point you have a very specific list of traits a possible significant other has to fit into. And if they don't or they suspect you don't they drop you like bird crap. Haha! and there is always 3) they are really just effing nuts. :P


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