I think I like a boy, but I'm not completely sure?

I am 13 years old and there is this boy who I think I might like, but maybe it's just my brain being stupid? We're friends, not best friends, but still. Please help me!!! :c

Okay so first, I've decided that I do like him and only my closest friends know. Also, I'm friendly, outgoing, and loud, but I DEFINITELY do not have the nerve to mention anything about it to him. Just the thought makes me want to curl up in a ball forever. He is kind of nerdy (President of the Pokemon Club c:) and I don't know his thoughts on dating at our age. I've also never had a boyfriend so yaaa...


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  • Well maybe you do like him. Why don't you get to know him a little better and decide?


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  • It's not unnatural, it's normal. Such feelings can occur in your age. It's fine if you daydream about him, if you tease him playfully and if you talk to him.
    There is nothing wrong with it and there is absolutely nothing wrong with having such feelings about someone.
    However, I consider you quite young to start dating. If you are both interested in each other, I think it would be wise to wait a little longer before you start dating.


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  • Kiss him and see what happened

    • ^I don't recommend this.

      It may work, and he may like you, and even if he doesn't, he probably won't complain too much if you just explain.

      However, if the administration heard about it, they could freak out.

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  • hmm... are you a hopless romantic?

    • Kind of... I have daydreams of romantic situations with my favorite celebrities, video game characters, etc.

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    • Not sensual daydreams... by the way...

    • okay but still be careful

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