Does he just hate texting or is he not interested?

I met this guy about 3 weeks ago. He is a graduate student at my school and 6 years older than I am. I saw him everywhere and thought he was cute so one day I ran into his office and asked for his name and then left. I was really embarrassed of how I did that but it spiked his interest and two days later he saw me at the bar and came up to me and asked for my name since I had asked for his. We talk and see each other almost every day in passing. He will see me pass his office and call me in to talk about just little things. We message on facebook but he will respond for just a couple messages and then never again. His replies are very short and will be things like "lol" or "meh". He does message me first every now and then but again, conversation is extremely short. He finally asked me to hang out after work last Thursday but didn't follow through until Saturday but I think that's because his family came into town and he needed to catch up on his dissertation. On Satrday he invited me to hang out with him and his best friend that he's known for yearsss. We hung out for about three hours and he bought me a drink and was sitting close to me and laughing and everything. He didn't text me the next day but two days later he saw me in the hall and asked me to stay and talk for a bit. I met another one of his work friends and when he sees me he will ask me if I have seen the guy or know where he's at so the friend definitely knows about me. I finally gave him my number today because I was tired of the facebook thing and wanted to ask him to hang out on Halloween. He messaged me immediately and I asked and he never gave me a clear response but then stopped texting me... About an hour later he comments on my facebook post with a little joke.
I'm so confused because I feel like his interactions with me in person are signs that he likes me but via text it is absolutely misleading.

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He ended up meeting me on Halloween and brought the same friend from a week earlier. We hung out until 2am (including the time change) and he invited us to go to his apartment, We hung out there for like an hour and then left. Sunday we texted for a bit and things were great until I realized he added one of my really pretty friends I introduced him to on facebook and then asked me why she unfriended him. I think I have decided we will just be friends but I do think he liked me at one point...


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  • No such thing as a bad texter. Excuse? if a man is interested there is nothing that will get in his way of contavting you. Period! I also found that when a woman is the initiator the man is already partially turned off if he is not really interested. Its like he doesn't contact you on his own often, and only wants to talk when he sees you pass by. Men will string a woman along even if he's not interested. For whatever reason he chooses its a number of them. Not only that you had to give him your number rather than he ask. He doesn't sound into you, move along.. If you really like him let him contact you and, play hard to get dont be so available. Men love women who let them know they dont need him. a lot of men get turned off by a woman that is making the first move. As I said earlier. It comes as desperate. I was in the same boat and the guy. My guy was acting the same way this guy is acting. I approached his as well. Even if a man isn't interested he may still talk to you. To see what he can get out of the situation, or simply because he can and bored. We know the games men play and I know your not a stranger to them. Im not buying that he's a bad texter at all.


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