Lowering a girls interest level/comeback?

Well, when you've been brushed off for acting weak in a very brief dating scenario ( had personal issues on at the time ) . A year later your back to your old self, and have a second shot.
Assuming the girl has some integrity and she's not using you because she is bored.. Does the interest really come back a second time if your doing everything right?

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  • I am not sure! maybe?


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  • None of the options. First off, you can't possibly tell whether the girl is interested in you or she is acting like it because she craves your attention.
    Secondly, you can't exactly guess whether she will be interested in you or not after a year. Many things may have changed in her life in one year. She may have changed and grown as an individual as well.
    So there is no way to tell whether she will be into you or not.


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