How can I make a girl genuinely choose me as her boyfriend over every other guy she knows?

At most I've had a couple of relationships where the girl had a stronger interest in another guy. Never had a "real" relationship. How can I ensure that she will only look at me as her boyfriend, and make it long term? In other words, how can I be seen as more than a friend by her? I ask because I notice the huge odds of "winning over" someone, especially if someone is pursued by hundreds of others, so I HAVE to stand out.

I am not the most endowed guy in looks and humor, but I understand that girls like other aspects of personality too.

Thanks in advance!


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  • Have patience with the girl, and treat her right

    • But how will that make me stand out? What if there are other guys who are also being gentlemen towards her?

    • Ignore them and be her helper, advisor, and the person who is always with her.

    • I know that people who are friends do that too. So do you have any tips where I can do more of this without looking desperate or clingy? I really am falling in love with her and have a hard time seeing her just as a friend anymore, and hope she will feel that way too.

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