How can I see my boyfriend's family in a better light?

I met my boyfriend's family yesterday. It was difficult. They live in a rough area, but I've known that and it has never bothered me. I really hate to judge people, but I had no idea how ghetto they were. His mom seemed sweet and his sister and her boyfriend were also really nice. But his nephews were unruly, running around in the street and throwing things at cars and and none of the parents were stopping them. The house was not taken care of at all. I would understand if they didn't have a lot of money, but he has told me his mom makes good money. Aside from this, I didn't feel like they were really interested in getting to know me.
We want to get married eventually, so I might be over thinking this because of the thought of spending the rest of my life with not just him, but also his family. He isn't anything like them. He prides himself on taking steps to get out of that neighborhood and he really wants to make something of himself. I just want to know how I can feel better about his family. Because it didn't feel like it went well.


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  • Well, there isn't much you can do. Just be happy that the nice members of his family are nice and don't have more contact then necessary with the ones who aren't nice. You're marrying him, not his family, of course that you won't avoid his family, it's impossible, but keep in mind the positive things and try your best to avoid the negative. Neutral position, probably no future trouble.

  • Nothing worse than visiting a ghetto house. Done that before. It's a bit of an eye opener sometimes. But you wouldn't be marrying his family, you'd be marrying him. And he wants to make something of himself and get away from that scene. Maybe you're the best thing that's happened to him


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