Girls, you work in retail ; I want to take you out?

I met a very beautiful and fashionable girl who works in retail at a mall near me. I am dieing to take her out and get to know her better. However, I do not wish to make her uncomfortable or uneasy (specially since she is at work and can't really go anywhere if she does feel uncomfortable).

I have already introduced myself and I have gotten her name and chit chatted while shopping. For the first time in a real long time I am genuinely interested in someone. I stress this because I have been called a player in the past... For a number of years... Not happy nor sad about it, but that's how it was.. Any ideas how I may be able to get closed and genuinely know more about her?

I am a straight shooter and very confident in myself while still being respectful. Would asking to exchange numbers and to go get lunch during one of her breaks be a good way to get closer or a sure way to scare her off? I'm open to all opinions!


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  • Yeah, she might be interested in you