Shall I move on from this guy?

We've been talking for three months now and only met once even though he lives in a near City. He tells me how much he likes me but at the end of our first date two weeks ago he said he couldn't see me until November :/ (he has his holiday and a trip to see his family tbf). I told him I felt like I was more into him than he is me and he was like he really likes me but it seems we're on different wavelengths, like he shouldn't constantly have to tell me how he feels all the time. So as much as he's into me he doesn't think he's 100% what I'm looking for, so he's unsure now. He said he's very go with the flow and I'm not, that's where the problem is. He said we'll meet up a few times still and then he'll think about where we stand. We've been talking normalish since but less often because he's ill. He is geniunely a nice lad, is it worth me just moving on though? Does it sound like he'd be that bothered if I did tbh?
We had that little dispute Sunday :/ is it okay for me to date other guys? There was a time where all I wanted was him to make us a thing but he's taking forever to lol so... Should I tell him if I do?
I just think it's a little unfair how he expected me to wait for him but not see me like a month later? :/ wtf

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  • move on

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