How do I get him to want to message to me?

I had a 'thing' with my friend at uni.
We have left for our hometowns now.
We messaged the first few days & he came back & visited before I left.
I'll see him at a party tomorrow but I feel like when he is home he is wanting to talk to me less & less.

How do I get him to message me/want to message me?


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  • Does he respond when you start a conversation

    • Yes he does

    • you can go back and forth, and have meaningful conversations, but sometimes that's not enough.
      I don't know if you do this, but leave opening for him to take advantage of to make jokes. Comments that can be easily misunderstood, or could have a insinuation if said in a different situation.

      Ex, you say "im so tired"
      He says "why so"
      you say "couldnt sleep, i was worried about something"

      but instead of that last line, say "up late imagining things about people"
      Guy sees this, he sees an opportunity to be funny

      Everybody says the want a funny partner. Truthfully, everyone wants a partner they can be funny with. If when you guys talk and he knows he gets to make you happy through laughter, he will grow a more solid connection because he is being appreciated.

      Also, this will give you an idea of how clever loverboy can be

      just something to try, good luck

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  • -Ask his opinion on various topics
    -Be funny
    -Be interesting
    -Have things to share with him about your life.
    -Ask him questions about his life.
    -Have a positive demeanor.

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