How to attract a "Nerd"?

I know this one girl who u can call a nerd in my class, however I find her so beautiful & what attracts me to her most is that she's not that kind of girl who's every dude's trying to "get in her pants".
The problme is I can't find a way to make my self markable to her, I'm that kinda guy who's into sports, v-games & not so good in school & she's that smart, polite, shy girl. & I can't find anythin useful on the internet to help myself.
& if u asked me why her? I'm just sick of dating girls who's not afraid of breaking up with me, cuz they already know that sooner or later someone else is gonna ask them out! I really need someone like her!
So yea... I need ur help!


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  • Dude just talk to her, plus attraction is a two way street so there's a 50/50 chance she might like you

    • U see... tht's the problem, I can't find a way to do that, what would I talk abt? How can I know her interests.

    • She's just a person just talk about shit like you would with your friends and make her laugh if she doesn't give you much response just go find another girl

    • Okay.. Thnx 4 advice :)

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