Mind Games? Could someone enlighten me? Why would he act like he hasn't ever noticed me before when he has?

We go to the same college. We have passed each other numerous times, and since the first time he was the first to look right at me. I remember thinking why is that guy staring at me. Ever since then, he would stare at me when we walked past each other, 3-4 times, eventually he would nod at me while looking at me, and he even grinned at me once. I smiled back. I swear I hadn't imagined it... I mean, the eye contact was dead on. We even ran into each other once when passing a corner and he nodded at me but no words were exchanged.

I introduced myself to him on Facebook... Since i hadn't seen him for a week. He was like oh I've never seen you before but he was very friendly and he asked me to coffee. we met for coffee at his place, it went very well except... He lightly asked with a smile how I had seen him and where? He stated he had never seen me before. But I KNOW I am not that imaginative that I just imagined him locking eyes with me and nodding at me 6+ times. Why is he acting like this? Like I feel so creepy and weird now because I thought he would be like yeah I've seen you around too...


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  • Maybe he has a bad memkry

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