Girls, has it ever happened that you lost interest in a guy as soon as he told you he likes you?

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This girl used to behave like a girlfriend with me, as if she likes me. So eventually I also started liking her, now when I confessed my feelings for her, she said she sees me as a great friend. So was just wondering.


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  • This is actually a psychological problem some people have. They want something they can't get, and want to feel like the Person they adore do them a favor when they get together. But if someone says that he likes the person with that problem, it means this Person can get him easily, and thats why they lose interest. This can be caused by many things: traumas from a terrible childhood, a hard rejection like a loud and terrible laugh when he/she asked someone out.. etc


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  • Well it depends. If i had the same feelings I would be like cool lets get to know each other. If i wasn't interested in him i wouldn't see how i would of lost interest in him, when in the start there was nothing there in the first place.

  • Personally it hasn't happened with me, but i imagine if someone loses interest after you tell them you like them , it's because they don't feel the same way. So instead of being honest with you, they back off and become more distant towards you

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    • Same situation with me, only the genders are reversed :p
      Currently in the phase of her responding less to my texts. Any advice on what should be my course of action? :/

    • I just carried on being my usual self with the guy i was friends with. I would text him, but i knew he was responding out of politeness. Until he cut all ties.

      I would suggest to just be your usual self with her. Hopefully she won't stop the contact as in my case, because she told you she sees you as a great friend. So she may not want to lose that. Usually girls like to keep contact with guys they view as friends. So if you are happy to just be friends, and she sees that then i am sure over time she will start being her usual self with you again

      I would rather someone be honest with me even if the truth hurt , because not knowing where you stand with someone hurts like hell 😥

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  • Maybe you just misread her.

    It's true some people are like that, though. You should stay away from them :(

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