Arranged to meet her, but think I've put her off?

Girl I clicked with online gave me her number.

However, I think I may have put her off with multiple texts. Before I got her number, we both arranged to meet on the Thursday just gone but like an idiot, I didn't get confirmation from her that were meeting at 4, thus sending her a few texts wondering where she was and assuming I was stood up.

Here was our interaction:

I know the answer from everyone will be to just leave it and let her reply, but was what I did enough to put her off?

I've not had a reply since


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  • If a girl likes you then multiple messages will not make her run for the hills. That's not normal.

    I think she either got a) stage fright and might have backed down due to nervousness or b) realized she isn't ready for meeting yet or for progressing things.

  • nothing she was just rude and blew you off... Sorry :(


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