Why do white guys seem to get relationships so easily?

Seriously, me and every other black guy I know can't get a girlfriend at all, but, white guys, even less attractive ones, seem to do not a goddamn thing and get girlfriends really fucking easy, too easy in fact, it ain't fair. Hispanic guys too for that matter. The only ones really stuck in our boat are my Asian friends, who seem to have just as hard of a time. What the hell?


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  • I don't know where the heck you live but that is not the case based on where I live and the many places I have traveled. To be entirely honest, you sound like you're throwing a pity party in addition to not being entirely humbly honest with yourself about precisely why it is that you cannot obtain a relationship as a unique individual. It may make you feel better to clump yourself with a group of others as the reasoning behind not having a relationship but that won't actually solve the real issue.

    • What about all the other black guys I know? Or seeing online how black people are seen as undesirable, which is said by everyone except black guys trying to delude themselves and white girls trying to sound PC? Why do dating sites prove me right that black guys are al, last universally undesired?

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    • Then why do you keep fuckin coming back?

    • I was thinking you might grow up for at least 10 seconds and stop whining like a little bitch but apparently that's not gonna happen

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  • Honestly, there are a few women I talk to that I think would go out with me if I asked. I wouldn't be happy with them though so I'm holding out for something better. Finding a solid relationship built on compatibility and trust is difficult for everyone. I think I could get into a cheap relationship easier than guys of other racial backgrounds though which isn't right..

    • You could which is unfair

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  • I'm white and Actually I don't really like white guys. I like the dark hair and eyes type of guy. Always been like that. I much prefer black guys or Asians.


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