We all have this picture perfect version of the person we want to end up with but can you really choose who you fall in love with?


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  • sort of, but bot really. and your ideal woman doesn't mean you fall in love with her, at least based on looks. i fell in love with my best friend and she doesn't look anything like my perfect woman. however, i have seen this girl that looked like nathalie emmanuel that went to my school and i talked to a couple times. straight up gorgeous (basically my perfect woman) and didn't fall in love with her. she was nice and really cute and all (literally perfect for me in a vacuum), but just didn't care for her beyond her as much as my friend.

    • Yes I too have met people who on paper seem like a perfect fit for me and I've wished I could will myself to fall in love with them only to never have feelings for them as a very close friend. Even if they were in love with me I couldn't make myself return it even knowing if I could we would have a very happy life together... Damn that shit.

    • if she's hot and/or rich enough and nice enough, i think i can learn to love someone. but i was already in love with my friend anyways so it was kinda like, "sorry girl. you're cute and all, but i'm tryina be taken right now"

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  • I stopped carrying that perfect version of the person I wanted to end up with when I was a teenager. It's not realistic nor fair to have these preset expectations for a unique individual who has been molded by specific events on their timeline. It's actually really selfish to proclaim that someone must fit your fantasy in order for them to have a chance with you. So essentially shaping a picture perfect version of someone you wish to find is ultimately a major disservice to yourself because what you are really doing is closing yourself off from wonderful, potentially grand individuals who may be better than what you ever imagined.

    • Yes I agree with this as well. I mean I have a lose list of what permanent personality and behavior traits I am looking for and a hard list of a handful of things that aren't going to work. But my boyfriend says he is looking for perfect which just made me laugh. But I think he meant it. I kind of feel like he would fall in love with me but still walk away.

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    • @SomeKindOfPerson :) That's such a nice compliment. Thank you

    • @Esplorare Sure thing :)

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  • I really don't have a picture perfect example in my head, I'm just waiting for that one awesome girl to stand out from the rest in my eyes, then, I make my move!

    Waiting for my rocket ship to come.


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  • no, we definitely don't choose who we fall in love with. sometimes we love people that are totally wrong for us. and sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't.
    OR we fall in love with the person who doesn't love us back and treats us like crap.
    it would be nice if we could choose, but that takes half the excitement of love away...

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