Should I text a girl I don't know?

Hey guys, I like a girl in my university and I think she likes me back because we ALWAYS make longer than usual eye contact when we see each other (for example when she's going up on the stairs she looks down at me, etc). She is beautiful and always with friends so I can't walk up straight to her and start talking. We don't have same classes or anything like it (nothing in common :P). I don't want her interest in me to fade away, so can I add her on facebook and text her? Would it look normal for you, girls? Because I think acting is better than nothing and just waiting for a miracle to happen.
Some additional info:
I'm a good looking guy and I always dress well (Lots of people tell me that)
Both of us are sophomore


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  • It's actually up to you either you want to add her or not :) However, since we're living in 2015 [and of course entering the 2016] , i'm pretty sure it will look normal if a guy text a girl first :D but do take it slowly mkay? :D Don't just rush like, "Hey, i see we always make eye contact.." etc because some girls don't like that kind of guy [based from my experiences]

    plus, some girls don't like it when a guy is acting as she may feel like she's being played. Just be yourself [quite cliche, I know]. Plus, miracle will happen IF you make your move other than acting :D

    Best of luck and sorry for my English :3


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