A female friend of mine broke up with a long time boyfriend of 6+ years. she thought he was serious about her. they have broken up but she is Spying?

She keeps looking into things he does on social media and recently foumd out that he is looking to move out, which is what she wanted to do together. And hoped she wpuld get married. Anyways before she broke up he said that he was unsure about the future, and didn't kniw if he was ready to move out.

She now either spied on him or found out through some source that he is looking for a house. And she is super angry. What am i supposed to say. I know a lot of bad thibgs that he has done to her, just hecause of his personality and behaviour, and the friends he hangs out with, anf i dont know why she wants to be around that. I can understand attatchment to someone, but really only if hey treat you well. I think she gave him too many chances and stayed with him too long.

Anyways, why does she keep looking into his life, i have told her to stop doing it. Just block delete and forget about him and move on.


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  • It's really really hard to let go of a long-term relationship. This isn't unusual behaviour on her part, though it will probably become problematic in the future. Try and keep her as busy as possible so she doesn't have time to spy on him.


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