Is what I did bad to my girlfriend and would you girls break up with me?

Me and my girlfriend were in a argument for about 5 consecutive days. I had enough and she said something personal so i grabbed her wrist and squeesed it hard, then she was like "stop it, your hurting me!". I let go and then after she got a bit scared and then said sorry for what we were arguing about. I was still a bit mad but this morning i went to go say sorry to her and wanted to treat her to breakfast but now she is like "don't talk to me, you hurt me" :( We have been together for 3 years and i NEVER laid one single finger on her before. I told her i feel very ashamed.

I feel bad, i did get over the rude personal thing she said to me but i want her to feel better. Was what i id very bad? should i also give her time? In our 3 years we have never had this bad an argument. Am i a bad person? :(

Any others?


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  • You obviously scared her but I don't think you are a bad person.

    • she got me mad. Things are a tiny bit better now, she agreed to talk to me tomorrow. She got scared cause she never seen me that mad before. That is what she told me

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  • Well you crossed a line you shouldn't have. But to me that's not something that the two of you should break up over. By the same token, I don't see how she can say you were wrong and not recognize she was wrong for verbally attacking you. The fact that she is not talking to you about this is in fact a controlling and abusive behavior in and of itself. If she really is not talking then you can let her know there is no point in staying in the relationship just so she can not participate.

    I'd give her a little time then I'd have another try at a discussion including her own stupidity and set up the boundaries for how the both of you are going to behave in the future.