She basically disappeared?

This girl and I used to work together for like 6 months. I am on the process of filing divorce, but am still technically married not sure if this girl knows about divorce but anyway. We were kind of buddies, she was friends with all the guys. We both hated our boss and talked quite a bit. She left for a better company and recruited me to go with. We would text back and forth on not sometimes late into the evening. She didn't get a bonus for me joining so I didn't get it. I took an interview and she would ask me how it was going. If I acted disinterested or said maybe she would run and tell a buddy about he job. I'd be like hey what the hell? So I interviewed and she asked me if I was going to take be job. I said maybe and she again runs to a buddy and tells him about job.

So I took the job and she has basically disappeared on me. She emailed me she emailed me when I first started but now I basically have to go to her desk to talk. She likes when I pursue talking to her but I don't get it. I've asked her to lunch with others and she always says she can't. I was eating by myself yesterday and I know she saw me sitting there and she tried to walk by without saying anything. I yelled and said "you aren't even going to eat with me" she smiled real big and said "I can't ok I can sit for a minute" and we talked for 10 mins and she leaves.

Why do you think she is avoiding?


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  • I don't know move on or wwait it out! You decide!

    • No clue? Guess from girls perspective?

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  • She's probably having second thoughts or she lost all interest


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  • Just avoid her.

    • How come? I want to hit it!

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    • Like not Mike

    • She could be busy, but talk to her

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