Is 23 too old to be living at home?

Years just flew by...

at 18 - i was too immature to move out, i would rather by weave then pay rent
at 19 - couldnt keep a job
at 20 - too many debts and decided to change my life
at 21- i started school and worked three jobs to the side to pay off my debt
at 22 - i payed of my debt and decided to save for my drivers license while attentding school and working two jobs.
at 23 - I want to move out and probably will but my life is unstable at the moment and im dissappointed at myself.

I wasted 5 years of independence meaning that living with my mother wasn't the best thing for my mental health. Im a girl by the way


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  • It happens. After college I moved back in with my parents. Then I moved back in again at age 28 due to the company I was working for expanding business into my parent's home town. Then I moved out again. My parents have a nice big house so I had plenty of personal space.


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  • Years just flew by...

    at 18 - Started college - lived at home during the summer
    at 19 - Still in college
    at 20 - Still in college
    at 21- Still in college
    at 22 - Graduating college this semester and will move back home
    at 23 - I'm still planning on being at home when I turn 23

    I plan on working for a year or two before I move out. Planning on being officially out by 24.

    I don't see an issue with it.


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  • Don't beat yourself up too much. Life has thrown me one curveball after another on my road to independence. I only got my apartment this year, and I'm 32. I've been trying to be independent since 21, but life said "f#you!" to my plans every time.

  • Keep your head up and keep moving forward. Rocky balboa


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  • I'm 23 and I'm living at home. I pay my parents a small fee. I paid off my loans and am saving up for a new car :)

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