How do I choose between two guys that love me? Who do you think is the better catch?

I love them both. One is my current BF, Andrew, and one is my best friend, David.

David and I go WAY back. I'm actually supposed to be dating him NOW instead of Andrew. David says he's in love with me. We've been best friends for almost 3 years. He's the best BEST friend I've had. He's funny, sweet, thoughtful, and he's always there for me.

Andrew and I met a year ago in Biology. We've been together for 9 months now and its been pretty rocky. During the summer, it seemed like his XBOX was more important than me and he was flirting with this chick over the internet and my a former friend of mine. I broke up with him a month after school started but got back together a week later. He's changed. He's sweet, corny, thoughtful, affectionate, and almost the perfect BF. But he's so insecure and jealous :// He WENT THROUGH MY PHONE.

And saw how an old friend from middle school was flirting with me and got all mad about it. I showed my friends the texts my old friend sent me, and he got all p*ssy off again!

Every time I tried breaking up with him, He'd cry. Id feel bad and not go through with it, then Id eventually start "loving" him again.

Then Id start to feel like he's manipulating me into staying with him. Then he'd say if I left, he'd have no reason to live. And that he'd cut himself or something...

So on Friday, I told Andrew if maybe we should see other people.

He started crying and bawling his eyes out five minutes later. He begged me not to leave. Then I proposed a "break" for a few days and see other people, and if that didn't work out, we could try again.

I guess now, David is my "boyfriend-in-practice", and its been kinda...Weird and sweet? We've kissed before, but as a "couple" it felt...weird. I think it was because of me being with Andrew for a long time or SOMETHING. Being with David felt, right, kinda.

Being with Andrew...Well, its great, but I hate it when he tries "manipulating" me with waterworks.

And, I feel like I wanna give David a try and give up Andrew...

Our friends say that Andrew's not capable of doing anything like that but I DO NOT want to be responsible of him doing something to himself like THIS...HELP.


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  • David is who I would choose.

    Andrew cutting himself if you threaten to leave shouldn't even be counted as a reason to stay with him, it should be counted as a reason to leave him. Manipulation or people is stupid, sounds like Andrew is just trying to make you feel bad so you will stay..

    Now, If I knew these 2 guys and the situation better, could I make a different choice? Yes I certainly could. All the information couldn't have been put into your question.

    YOU are the one with all the facts and YOU have to apply logic to the situation to figure out which is the best boyfriend for you.


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