Does He Like Me?

Okay so I need someone's help! so there's this guy I like and my friends thinks he likes me, my friend Kylee said that when I'm not looking he's looking at me, and when I turn around in his direction he looks down. and my friend Alexa, Kylee, and Dajana say that me and him flirt a lot I said to Kylee maybe he's just a natural flirt and she said no its different its like he's intentionally flirting with you. there's this kid in my class he's new and he asked if Gabe and I were dating and I said no , then today he was like teasing him and I don't know if its cause Gabe likes me or he was just screwing with Gabe please helppp


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  • I think your friends are right, since you heard it from multiple friends. He does seem to like you. I can't tell you anything about this kid, but if he has no motivation to mess with him, why would he? If you like the guy, make moves. Good luck!

    • thank you and if it was confusing on who likes me Gabe's the guy I have a crush on and josh was the one teasing him about his dating me, although I'm confused on what you mean by " but if he has no motivation to mess with him, why would he?" are you saying Josh is just messing with Gabe cause Gabe likes me?

    • You said "screwing with him"? I thought you meant "messing" or making problems or something... Anyways, regardless, if he likes you and you like him, it should happen just act on it. :)

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  • wow so many namessss

    Just kidding haha sorry um... I think you should just test it. If he really likes you then he obviously wants to get to know you better, so when you see he's by himself ask him if he wants to take a walk with you. (at school)

    If he says yes then walk with him and start talking about random things and observe on what he answers and the way he looks at you.

    If you need any help or tips at something, just ask. I'd love to help :)

    • well I have 6th period with him and the way he looks at me just seems kinda different, he looked at me with these full lightish- darkish blue eyes with his eyebrows raised. and he just looked so cute

    • what does that mean?

    • that's what what they mean when they say 'the way he looks at her'

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  • He probably likes you. What're you gonna do about it.

    • im not sure cause like he's kinda confusing

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