How long should I wait for him to contact me after our first meet (if he's interested)?

I met this guy at my college. I introduced myself to him but he asked me over for coffee. So on Wednesday, we met for coffee and it lasted a couple of hours. We got along well, he was very talkative and friendly and I sensed some flirting going on, and some attraction, but it may just be who he is. We, as of now, are friends... Like it hasn't crossed over to anything. We were basically strangers who met for coffee because I talked to him. Anyways, towards the end he mentioned that next time we hang out I should invite him to my place or share more things that I am interested in since he did it more than I had. Which is normally how it goes with me since I'm at moments reserved. But overall, it went well. He said he could walk me to my room (after) but thought it may be kind of strange given that I live a floor down. We said our goodbyes.

I haven't heard from him yet... I know he's busy, as am I... I'm just wondering if he was interested if he would contact me & when?


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  • There is no rules, A girl contacted me 5 minutes after a date once, I loved it...
    He is just not trying to look too keen, he will contact you mid week I am guessing

    • You think so? Everywhere I look online I see "if s guy is interested he will contact you right away and chase you" or in similar words. Is that not always the truth?

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    • The truth , damn pre-emptive text

    • Okay. Thank you! I value your input.

  • Despite everything you've heard there are no rules for this

    • Is it bad news if he hasn't talked to me yet?

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    • He isn't much of a friend if he's playing this game

    • We hardly know each other... It was the first time we've ever been together

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