What do you make of this guy asking me to stay over at his place?

Am I being really, really naive? It's our first time meeting and he wants to go for a drink/ meal then me go back to his to just hang out and stuff. I've made it really clear nothing would happen aha and he said he wouldn't try anything that would make me feel uncomfortable, he just really wants me to like him apparently. I don't mean this in a big headed way but basically he doesn't see himself as attractive and thinks he's punching way above his weight with me, I think he is genuine. I haven't really told anyone about this to get their advice so any advice on here would be great!
He's after sex
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He just wants to hang out
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I don't know
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+1 y
I said I felt uncomfortable staying at his and he said:

You're not a little girl ya know... it's okay too stay at people's places :p Like you say... it's just a sleepover ^_^ Just a cuddle and a movie :) I'm not gonna pounce on you ;p ahaha. It's just nice to cuddle someone to sleep <3 xxxxx

uhhh what do you think? :/
+1 y
Now he's telling me he's only going to be intimate with a girlfriend, he's not into one night stands... I don't know though I barely know him :/ I really want to get to know him but I don't know...
What do you make of this guy asking me to stay over at his place?
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