I want to be friends with benefits with my friend?

Hey, i've had this guy friend I study with for a few weeks now. I find him super attractive and we matched on tinder and i want to hook up but i feel like he sees me as too much of a nice girl because i know i come across that way. what should i do?


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  • Bad idea. Instead ask if he'd like to date. If he says "I'm not ready" then you say "when you are give me a call IF I'm still single" I'm not ready means I just want to fuck with no commitment, ever. A lot of young ladies think if they fuck him long enough he'll develop feelings. Wrong, don't waste your time


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  • Do you really want to be only his friend?
    Because if he has that image of you, you could become his girlfriend.

    In normal people's opinion that's better than being the friend with benefits.

    You can be friends with him but I'll just let you know jealousy is a bitch, at some point you'll feel this way and it's gonna suck. The first time I failed perfectly and now I've been crushing this dude for 2 years.

    Be careful. Be a robot. Forget about feelings if you wanna keep moving on with this.